Industrial lawn mowers mowing.  Making noise.  Assaulting my ears.

Fresh cut grass.  Making dust.  Assaulting my allergies.

People talking.  Making noise.  More assault on my ears.

Now there’s neighbors here.  More talking!!!!  More noise!!!  My ears!!!

Valium on board and useless.

Homesickness assaults my heart.  I miss my husband.  I miss my house.  I miss my quiet.

Oh look, another neighbor!  Holy shit I may tear my ears off.

The talking, the complaining, the ‘nice to meet you’s’ is literally killing me.

Sleep has eluded me for days.  I know that’s a bad thing.  I know that makes this worse.

I know that bipolar and lack of sleep is a shitty combination.  I know it, but I can’t help it.

I take my meds.  I won’t stay asleep.  I suspect it’s the absence of my husband.

Five days ’till hubby.

Five days ’till a solid hug.

Five days ’till someone who understands will stand in front of me and tell me it’s ok.

Five days ’till someone will be the intermediary of these problems.

Five days ’till someone will know the signs of my anxiety and hypomania and depression.

Five days ’till.

Five days.