Oh writer’s block.  This isn’t going to be one of my normal posts that flows nicely and makes sense (at least to me).  This is me trying to bust writer’s block and make sense of all the things that have gone on recently.

Jr. moved out.  Hallelujah, right?  Except that I don’t think he made the right decision.  He’s thinking more with his little head then his big head.  But, regardless, he moved out.  And, yes, a lot of that is very helpful to me.  I no longer have him taking up my entire living room, doing nothing to help with the running of the house he’s living in for free.  I no longer have the stress of having him here.  But, I’m conflicted, because as I said, I really don’t think that he made the right decision.

I had surgery on my right elbow and am finally out of the cast.  I can function in the house properly now.

My aunt, by marriage, is sick.  Definitely pneumonia, but possibly cancer judging from some of the first tests.

My cousin died on Sunday.  He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 2 and his life was hell.  But, he was a cool guy and now he’s gone.  I’m still in shock.  I haven’t cried or had any emotion whatsoever yet about losing him.

Tomorrow is the pdoc appointment.  The only thing that I have to tell her is that I’m not really happy.  I’m not depressed or hypomanic, although I am anxious all the time (what else is new).  But, even for not being depressed or hypo, I’m still not happy, and there is no pill for that.

So that’s what’s happening around here.  I really want to get back to writing more often.  I miss it.  A lot.  Maybe this purge will help with the writer’s block.