If you read my last post,  you may have guessed that an inpatient stay was looming.  In fact, it ended up happening that very day.

I read my last post to my therapist.  It seemed the most efficient way of telling her how I felt.  But, the hysterics that went with it were unexpected from my end.  Bipolar sticking around for the rest of my life had me completely beside myself.  I ended up going to the hospital directly from therapy.  Hubby left work early and met me there, bless him.

Inpatient hospital stays are pretty standard wherever you go.  Group therapy, new meds, coloring and putting together puzzles are the usual activities, and this time was no different.

The big thing that I have realized that people don’t know, is that the hospital stay is not to make you well.  It is to make you stable.  It’s the outpatient programs that are designed to make you well enough to start up your own life again.  I’m part of a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) that meets every day from 9-2.  It’s Monday through Friday group therapy, learning coping skills and getting my meds tweaked.  Today, I’m taking the day off so I can go to my regular therapist.  I like group therapy, it certainly has it’s pros, but I like one on one therapy better.  That whole hour is devoted to me and my issues, and I really need that.

Not a long post for today.  My brain still feels like it’s moving through sludge.  Hopefully, today will help with just Karen.  Tomorrow I will go back to PHP and learn what I can.