Had a low key therapy appointment this morning.  I’m in kind of a “fuck it” place, mood-wise and it showed in my inability to find something to talk about.

But, on the way home, I got into a doozy of a car accident.  The person trying to merge into my lane, decided to just hook a left turn instead of actually, ya know, merging.  I got to take my very first ambulance ride to the hospital.  My airbags deployed for the very first time.  It was a morning of firsts!

I’m fine.  I’m fine-ish.  I’m sprained and strained and I have a burn mark on my left arm from the airbag.  I was leaning on the horn with my right hand when the airbag deployed, jamming my right arm in the elbow and the shoulder.   Plus I have black and blue marks (which I expect to turn brighter more interesting colors by tomorrow) all over my legs from the lower bank of airbags.

The car is probably totalled.  It’s a 2007 Caliber that I got at the end of 2006.  Dodge doesn’t even make a caliber anymore.  I love that car.  It’s paid it’s dues and then some. I’ve spent the night in it more than once.  I taught my stepkids to drive in it.

And it protected me when I needed it most.  I’m going to be going on vacation looking like someone has beaten me simple, but at least I’m around to look like hell.