Well, I’m feeling a little better today

The craziness yesterday over the zyprexa and not being able to get in touch with my doctors led to a conversation between me and MIL.

We had a pretty good talk about my “condition” and the meds.  We both expressed sincere desire that it could be easier to treat.  All the little irritating things faded away for me, as I saw, again, the kind caring woman that my MIL is.

I didn’t take the zyprexa last night.  My ankles are still swollen, but not as much as they were yesterday.

I hate having days like yesterday.

I hate worrying my hubby.  He has so much on his plate already.  But, I know he loves me and that’s why he worries.

So, today is a “try to get it together day”.  I have a couple small projects that I want to deal with.  I actually have two huge projects I want to do.  Karen has helped me break it down into a bunch of small projects.  I’ve been trying to start the first one for days now. I’m going to try again today.

I am going to try to not dwell on the fact that the zyprexa was holding back the mixed episode.  That’s what the ativan are just going to have to help me out with.